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Campylobacter Detection Kit

Campylobacter Detection Kit



Rapid and specific detection of Campylobacter in foods

The SAS™ Campylobacter Detection Kit uses the oxidoreductase gene from Campylobacter jejuni and the aspartate kinase gene known as the amino-acid synthetase from Campylobacter coli as the target sequences. By using four primers to recognize six distinct regions in each gene, this test is highly specific. Due to the high amplification efficiency of isothermal amplification technology (Loopamp®), the results are achieved within one hour. Including pre-enrichment culture and DNA purification, testing of Campylobacter in foods has a turnaround time of 24 hours using this test. No further enrichment culture is needed.

Amplification and detection in one single-tube with real-time results.

With Realtime Turbidimeters, amplification and real-time detection are achieved in one step. Since electrophoresis is not required, the entire process is completed within one reaction tube, which greatly reduces the possibility of cross-contamination frequently associated with nucleic acid amplification technologies.

Alternative method of detection

Because this is an isothermal reaction, the testing can also be performed in a water bath or a heat block set at 65°C. The endpoint results can be visualized by adding Fluorescent Detection Reagent (sold separately) to the initial master mix.