SAS™ Rapid Molecular Tests

SAS™ Rapid Molecular Tests utilize nucleic acid amplification technology to amplify DNA or RNA template using loop-mediated amplification method. The target amplification is highly specific and proceeds at a constant temperature, Isothermal amplification.

The Isothermal Amplification Technology (Loopamp®) method is a novel gene amplification method that proceeds under isothermal conditions and thus, unlike PCR, does not require multiple temperature cycles. This method has extremely high specificity because of the use of four target-specific primers recognizing six distinct regions on the target gene.

The strand displacement synthesis with a set of four primers exhibits high amplification efficiency that enables rapid accumulation of 109-1010 copies of target in less than an hour, making simple detection possible. By using the specifically designed, easy-to-use Realtime Turbidimeter (LA-500), detection does not require electrophoresis, and all steps from amplification to result are done within one reaction tube.

When the target template is present in the sample, it will be amplified rapidly, and the software indicates a positive sample or a fluorescent detection reagent can be used to visually identify positive samples at the endpoint using a heat block.